I am once again offering an approval service to help you build your stamp collection. In this era of online shopping and buying at sites like eBay and bidStart you may wonder why should a collector sign up for an approval service. With my approval service you get to examine a stamp in the comfort and convenience of your home or office, and there are no hassles if you want to return a stamp. Many collectors like to travel to stamp shows to buy stamps for their collection, but with the high cost of fuel this is becoming an expensive way to shop for stamps. The local stamp stores where many of us spent our allowance as young collectors have disappeared.


You fill out the form below telling me about your collecting interests and send it to me along with a credit card number ( in Canada Mastercard, American Express, or Visa, the rest of the world Visa only) or an email address where I can send you a Paypal invoice. You can also call me at 519-474-2021 to start a selection. When the selection is ready to be mailed I charge the amount of the selection to your credit card or send you a Paypal invoice for the amount of the selection. You have 30 days after the receipt of the selection to return anything that you do not want to keep and as soon as I receive your return your credit card or Paypal account is credited with the returned amount. I do require that each selection have a price of at least $50.00. I will send stamps on approval to anywhere in the world that Canada Post offers service to, but customers outside of Canada and the US must pay a non refundable shipping charge of US$4.00. To send approvals to some countries will also require that the stamps be sent registered mail, US$18.00 non refundable. Any customs duties,tariffs, VAT or equivalent are your resposibility.


My stock includes Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the British Commonwealth, Scandinavia and the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plus many more countries depending on what I have been buying. I do NOT offer US stamps. My stock includes both mint and used stamps. If you are looking for plate varieties, cancels, etc I probably can not offer you anything on approval, but if you are after Scott listed stamps I can help you fill your album. If I do not have anything that you collect I will let you know


One drawback of the traditional stamp approval service has been the customers that want approvals but do not want to return the stamps sent to them or pay for them. Charging the selection to a credit card or Paypal account in advance eliminates these loses and allows me to sell stamps to you at a lower price. You are not obligated to keep any or all of a stamp approval selection and you will get a refund to your credit card or Paypal account for any stamps returned. Your credit card information is retained securely off my computers.

Approval Request Form